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Harley is one of the most amazing animals I've ever rescued! I think Harley believes I started this business for him :) Harley loves and acts as if he's waited his whole life just to meet you. He has the most beautiful heart; he loves children, birds, cats, turtles...if it's living, he loves it. 

Once, there was a stray kitten that came along who decided she loved Harley.

When traveling, I'd have to take them in the car, and the little Kitten wasn't so happy about it. She would be stressed in the car so Harley allowed her to crawl up on his back to sleep for hours. After several hours he would start to get noticeably uncomfortable and with his big brown eyes he would look at me as to say, "Are we almost there? I really want to get up!" As he stretched one leg at a time looking up at the little kitten on his back, making sure not to disturb her, until we arrived. I know very few people that would be that considerate. It's hard to comprehend a dog  having so much compassion for another living thing.

Harley has been known to be the hero at the dog park. He has broke up three dog fights twice when I was with him and once when he was with a friend of mine. He has figured out how to body-slam the aggressive dog then he puts himself in the middle, waging his tail to distract them long enough for the owners to break it up. I have not taught him to do this! It is something he just does out of his own brilliance and caring heart. 


He understands German, sign language, English and I'm now working with him in Italian. I have had guests that have come here leery of dogs and by the end they're having photo-ops with Harley. This "little" four-legged friend of mine has a way of opening people's hearts and I feel so blessed to have such a brilliant dog and be able to share his loving spirit with others!

Meet our Helper Host Harley!


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